Quick Quality Printing

Products and Descriptions

QQ Printing is a full service commercial print shop. Our capabilities extend from Paper to Vinyl and from Phototex banners to Heat transfer graphic T-shirt sheets.  Our services range from complete custom graphics to ready made products on our web site.  The products below are just a sampling of what we can produce.  Please feel free to contact us via email or phone to discuss other jobs that you might not find listed on the web site. Most jobs can be emailed to order@qqprinting.com with as much detail as you can provide and our support staff will contact you with any questions we may have.

Request a Price Quote

The best way to submit a job to QQ Printing is to select the Request a Quote link and submit the form with as much detail as you can about your job. You may also submit PDF files or graphic files associated to your job.

Copies and Commercial Digital Printing

Digital Copies and Digital printing is accomplish using our high speed equipment. Over 120 pages per minute may be reproduced or printed in our facility. Files may be submitted in a PDF format or Microsoft XPS format. The printed pages may be finished in a variety of methods including Folded, Stapled, Cut to full bleed and punched.

Product Description Price Price qualifier
Color Copies or Prints (includes 20lb, 8.5"x11" paper)        
   Less than 100 Pages, Single Sided  $ 0.15   per sheet
   100 Sheets up to 499 Sheets, Single Sided  $ 0.14   per sheet
   500 Sheets or more, Single Sided  $ 0.12   per sheet
   Less than 100 Pages, Double Sided (duplexed)  $ 0.29   per sheet
   100 Sheets up to 499, Double Sided (duplexed)  $ 0.26  per sheet
   500 Sheets or more, Double Sided (duplexed)  $ 0.23  per sheet
Black & White Copies or Prints (includes 20lb, 8.5"x11" paper)        
   Less than 100 Pages, Single Sided  $ 0.09   per sheet
   100 Sheets up to 499 Sheets, Single Sided  $ 0.08   per sheet
   500 Sheets or more, Single Sided  $ 0.06   per sheet
   Less than 100 Pages, Double Sided (duplexed)  $ 0.17   per sheet
   100 Sheets up to 499, Double Sided (duplexed)  $ 0.15  per sheet
   500 Sheets or more, Double Sided (duplexed)  $ 0.11  per sheet
Paper Sizes and Options        
   8.5" x 11", 20lb Copy Paper, White  $ 0.01   per sheet
   8.5" x 11", 67lb Vellum Bristol Cover, White  $ 0.04   per sheet
   8.5" x 11", 80lb Cover, Glossy, White  $ 0.08  per sheet


Promo Pads

PromoPadsPromo Pads - Hang these on bulletin boards across town to promote your next event or sale item. Your prospective buyer or client will detach a card that shows all of the important information. Pads come with 30 padded cards and are sold in sets of 5 for a total of  $10.00 per set. You customize the back plate message and card information.


Yard Signs - Corporate or Political

PromoPadsYard signs come in various sizes and can be printed in Full color or Black and White.  These signs may be Single or Double sided. Optional  UV protective clear gloss material can be applied that will protect the finish for years to come. Corrugated plastic yard signs are lightweight yet extremely durable. Fluting creates a yard sign that is exceptionally sturdy as well.  Sign stakes are sold separately.  Artwork - When providing artwork we recommend vector art or raster images with a minimum of 100 dpi (dots per inch) at finished size. Lower resolution files will lower the quality of the image.



BANNERS - Outdoor or Indoor

Banners help kick off Sales or just let everyone know that it is your birthday.  No matter what the occasion, QQ Printing can print a banner with any graphic for Outdoor or Indoor use.  Our banners come in 30" or 54" tall material and they can be made just about any length up to 100 feet.  Indoor fabric material is available that helps accent any decor.  Give QQ Printing a call or drop us an email to get your personalized quote.


Wall Safe

Wall Safe, Reusable banner

Printed on Phototex Wall safe material, these banners may be placed on any smooth surface. The material comes in white and has the texture of cloth.  The complete banner may be printed in any color with any graphic.  Murals, Words or Seasonal messages may be displayed and the banner may be removed, stored and re-used the following year.


Custom Photo Calendars and Business Advertiser Calendars

Custom Calendars of all types are available. Calendars may be Full Bleed, Spiral Bound, Saddle Stitched or a combination of these options. Click the photos below to see more information about these calendars. Occasionally, Facebook contests are held and Production Calendars are made with submitted pictures.

Advertiser Calendar Advertiser Calendar Premade Production Calendar Premade Production Calendar